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Local Chapel Hill - Durham - Raleigh Volunteering Opportunities & Charitable Causes - NC Animal Rescue - Carnivore Preservation Trust

Carnivore Preservation Trust

Rajah the Tiger
Photo ?Carnivore Preservation Trust

Carnivore Preservation Trust (Pittsboro)
1940 Hanks Chapel Road, Pittsboro, NC 27312
(919) 542-4684.
The Carnivore Preservation Trust located in beautiful Pittsboro, NC is a nonprofit animal sanctuary offering guided tours by reservation only on weekends (call for days/hours). $ Admission Fee, free ages 3 and under. The tours are guided by a trained docent and include tigers, leopards, jaguars, ocelots, and other exotic carnivore species. These educational tours allow you to view the animals up close (as close as five feet), and last approximately an hour and a half to two hours. An example of the rescued animals are the Tiger cubs, Kaela and Raja whom the Trust rescued in May 2005. (The cubs were 9 months old in May, 2005). In the Summer of 2009, the Carnivore Preservation Trust rescued an abandoned Serval cat (dubbed "Elvis") found on their doorstep.
See photos and read more about the Carnivore Preservation Trust rescued animals.

Summer 2009 Press Release:

The following press release was issued by the Carnivore Preservation Trust
Pittsboro, NC on 4/27/09

Contact: Pam Fulk, Executive Director
Telephone: 919-619-0011 (cell)

Carnivore Preservation Trust
Finds Abandoned Serval on ?Doorstep?

Pittsboro -- Carnivore Preservation Trust (CPT) Curator of Mammals, Kathryn Bertok, awoke to a strange sight Monday morning. While walking her dogs, she discovered that someone had left a full grown serval in an animal crate at the staff entrance to CPT. Pinned to his crate was a typed note, giving the serval's name (Elvis) and a few details about his history. No other information was included, including contact information.

A serval is a medium-sized cat, native to Sub-Saharan Africa. The serval's coat color is pale yellow, marked with black spots on sides, back, neck, and shoulders. They have long, slim legs, an elongated neck, and large ears ? all attributes that make it well suited for hunting in tall grass.

Bertok had Elvis serval examined late Monday morning by a local veterinarian. Elvis was determined to be about two years old and significantly undernourished, weighing a fraction of what he should have. He showed evidence of a collar having grown in to his skin at some point, permanent scarring on his forehead where he likely continually rubbed a cage or crate, and serious atrophy in his hind legs. Taken together, these findings suggest that Elvis has spent a great deal of his time caged in very confined quarters. Blood test results will not be available until later this week.

This case illustrates what often happens with private ownership of exotic cats like Elvis. Clearly the owner either seriously neglected his needs, or was not educated about the nutritional and territorial needs of a serval. In addition, proper veterinary care was either not provided at all, or not by someone educated about this species and their needs (or veterinary recommendations were ignored).
Executive Director Pam Fulk said, ?CPT is not designed to be a ?drop off' rescue facility like a domestic animal shelter. Our quarantine facility is currently occupied by the two tigers whom we rescued less than two weeks ago and will not be available for another two weeks. Dropping Elvis off at our doorstep has forced us to manage his quarantine care under less professional animal husbandry practices to avoid the more unwelcome choice of euthanizing him outright. I encourage those who wish to relinquish their exotic cats to contact CPT and request rescue through the proper arrangements to preserve the health and safety of both animals and staff.?

Bertok says she is looking forward to seeing Elvis blossom as he is provided the healthy nutrition, sunshine, and large outdoor play space that servals need. He is expected to gain his healthy weight and regain good hind leg strength in the months to come, provided no surprises arise from his blood test results. Elvis's initial quarantine and veterinary expenses are expected to be around $1,000, and CPT will continue to raise funds to support him for the rest of his life.

Those interested in donating to CPT may do so online by visiting and clicking on ?Donations?. To ensure the full donation goes to Elvis's rescue, donors can mail their checks made payable to CPT to 1940 Hanks Chapel Rd., Pittsboro, NC 27312. Donors can designate their gift to ?Elvis? for this rescue, or leave their gift undesignated to be used for the care of all of the animals at CPT. Any designated funds not expended for this rescue will be applied to the next CPT rescue.

Carnivore Preservation Trust (CPT) is a nonprofit located in Pittsboro, NC. The 55-acre sanctuary is home to 80 animals, including tigers, ocelots, binturongs, and more. CPT provides rescue and sanctuary for certain species of carnivores, primarily cats, as well as conservation education to the public through public and private tours, specialty tours, birthday parties, and community presentations and exhibits.

For more information call 919-542-4684 or visit
CPT's tours are available by reservation only.



Carnivore Preservation Trust
P.O. Box 1326, Pittsboro, NC 27312
(919) 542-5020


 Chatham County charitable Food Pantry organization depends on grants and private donor support to help feed Chatham County residents, including Chatham County children and families.  According to the CORA Food Pantry 2009 Annual Review, "More than 30% of Chatham County's children live in poverty.  And 45% of them are eligible for free or reduced cost lunches.  Summer is an especially difficult time for children from low income families.  Many of us think of summer as a time of enjoyment for children. 

Summer 2009:  Read about "Elvis," the abandoned Serval cat left at Carnivore Preservation Trust's doorstep.


For more Animal Welfare & Rescue



Featured Charitable Cause:

Buy the acclaimed, film festival award-winning "Darius Goes West" DVD (28 film festival awards!) about the incredible journey of teenager Darius Weems, and help support research to find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  Duchenne is the #1 genetic killer of children; most children with Duchenne die in their late teens or early twenties.  Eve Carson's brother, Andrew Carson is one of the group of amazing young men who made the DVD and are undertaking this incredible journey with Darius.  Their goal is to sell 1 million DVDs by September 2009 to help fund research to treat or cure Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Darius Goes West synopsis from the website:  "In this multi-award-winning documentary, fifteen-year-old Darius Weems, and eleven of his best friends, set off across America with the ultimate goal of getting his wheelchair customized on MTV's Pimp My Ride. The result is a rarely seen testament to the explosive idealism of today's youth, as well as a vivid portrayal of adventure, of brotherhood, and of the character and strength it takes to shed light on an uncertain future.

Not only does Darius Weems bravely face his own inevitible fate with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), but through his unflinching humor and his extraordinary laugh, he sparks a revolution in the lives of everyone who crosses - and then shares - his courageous path.

Part revolution, part revelation, this film proves to people of all ages how life, even when imperfect, is always worth the ride."

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1870 Farm

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